Courses, Welfare Benefits Unit


Choose the right level of course

Introductory level courses: for frontline workers who either do not work specifically in welfare rights or who are new to benefits advice work, who want to know about the benefit issues relevant to their clients to give basic advice or refer on. These courses can also act as a refresher for those with benefit advice experience.

Standard level courses: for people with some working knowledge of the benefits system, or the subject covered by the course. These courses are suitable for people who want to update skills in a specific area or wanting a refresher.

Experienced level courses: for more experienced workers who are confident about covering issues in more, and sometimes complex, detail.

Introduction To Benefits – Introductory level – 6 online module

This course of six modules is designed to give you all the necessary tools you need to be able to accurately advise on benefit entitlement. You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to support clients through the complexity of the welfare benefit system.

Universal Credit housing costs – Standard level – 1 online module

Universal Credit housing costs cover rent and service charges. This course will provide an understanding of eligibility for housing costs and how these are calculated. Common issues and problems will be identified and the course will help you understand why some claimants have a shortfall in the rent covered by Universal Credit.

Universal Credit and work – Standard level – 1 online module

This course provides an understanding of entitlement to Universal Credit and how work affects entitlement. The course takes a practical approach to help you understand how work impacts on Universal Credit and how to best to advise employees and the self-employed.

Benefits for disabled young people inc students – Experienced level – 2 online modules

This course will look in detail at what happens to parent claims as young people approach key ages (such as 16, 19 or 20) or leave education, and the benefits available to disabled young people including how disabled students can claim Universal Credit while in education.

Limited Capability for Work (UC and ESA) – Standard level – 2 online modules

This course focuses on the limited capability for work assessment for Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit. The course gives you an understanding of the main rules for people whose health or disability limits their ability to work.

Introduction to Universal Credit – Introductory level – 2 online modules

This course provides an understanding of entitlement to Universal Credit. The course is practical and you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge of UC entitlement, calculations, conditionality, payments and monthly assessments. It will help you understand how Universal Credit will impact on claimants and how to best advise them.

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