Resources, Welfare Benefits Unit


The Welfare Benefits Unit provides specialist welfare benefits information and advice for those who work with members of the public.

Our publications provide a valuable resource.

We also produce information from time to time that you may find useful. These are available to download from this site.

Resources Overview handout

Benefits Checklist 2017-2018

WBU Benefits for people aged 65 plus leaflet A5, April 18  – a leaflet to give out to your clients

WBU Benefits if you are disabled and working age leaflet A5 April 18 – a leaflet to give out to your clients

CD Toolkit – Challenging Decisions Toolkit to help you support your clients

What triggers a claim for universal credit in a full service area – Newcastle Welfare Rights Service

Universal Credit Focus

The WBU Universal Credit Focus project is funded by City of York Council’s Financial Inclusion Steering Group to provide more in-depth support to those working with claimants in York area. Our series of e-mailings provide a broad range of information and updates on Universal Credit. Some of the details are York specific however most of the content will be of interest to all.

Moving onto Universal Credit checklist Sept 17 – A guide to use with clients

Universal Credit Outline – a simple guide

Universal Credit when and whether to claim – April 18 – a simple guide

Universal Credit Survey Interim Report

Universal Credit Focus Emails

Universal Credit Focus July17 – Points to Note: postcode search, triggers and explicit consent

Universal Credit Focus September 17 – Making a Claim

Universal Credit Focus October 17 – Roll out and specified accommodation

Universal Credit Focus 26 October 17 – More about initial claims and problems around limited capability for work

Universal Credit Focus 16 November 17 – Work related conditionality

Universal Credit Focus 4 December 17 – Budget changes: waiting days, advance payments

Universal Credit Focus 10 January 18 – Temporary accommodation, gateway areas and NHS forms

Universal Credit Focus 6 February 18 – When and whether to claim

Universal Credit Focus 9 – 22 March 18 – Rent increases, temporary housing and claimants’ experience

Universal Credit Focus 12 April 18 – Self employed losses and surplus earnings

Universal Credit Focus 3 May 18 – Fears and Myths

Universal Credit Focus 12 May 18  – Current problem areas

Universal Credit Focus 30 May 18  – Work Capability Assessment process

Universal Credit Focus 13 June 18  – Transitional Protection announcement

Universal Credit Focus 21 June 18 – Raising issues

Universal Credit Focus 18 July 18 – Students and Universal Credit