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Advice for the general public

We do not provide advice to the public. If you are seeking advice please click here for details about organisations that may be able to help.


The Unit is committed to
promoting awareness and to
increased take-up of
benefits and tax credits. Read more...Campaign leaflets illustration


Each year we produce a range of booklets, newsletters, briefing papers and information sheets. Read more...

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The Unit is committed to an extensive training programme throughout the area to raise awareness about the range of benefits available. Read more...

Welfare Benefits Unit - York & North Yorkshire

The Welfare Benefits Unit provides a second tier advice and training service to North Yorkshire and the City of York. We support those in the voluntary and statutory sectors who deal directly with individuals claiming benefits.

The Welfare Benefits Unit is an independent organisation, registered as a charity, and receives core funding from North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York Council.

Advice line for professionals

Our advice line is available to advisers in the voluntary and statutory sectors throughout North Yorkshire and York. It is open every weekday. We receive around 2,000 calls each year from social workers, health staff, CAB and voluntary agency advisers, and others.

We can discuss any welfare rights query including identifying entitlement, benefit calculations, case law and changes to national policy. Advisers can contact the Welfare Benefits Unit here.

Please also see our Moving onto Universal Credit Checklist (download as PDF)

Advisers seeking information about the Benefits Advice and Tribunals Support project can contact our advice line here.


Welfare Benefits Unit Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report provides a summary of our work during 2014/2015 (download as PDF).